We thought we'd put together some of the terms that the FLINKIN' community uses.  We hope this helps you with your vocabulary while you are out enjoying some good times wherever you FLINK.  If you come up with one we haven't published, shoot us an email.  

FLINKIN' = floatin' and drinkin'

FLINKWARE = drinkware used while FLINKIN'

FOOZIES = koozies or insulators used to keep beverages cold while FLINKIN'

FLINKERS = the saddles you float on while you drink; can also refer to those people that enjoy floatin' and drinkin' on a regular basis.

COUNTRY FLINKER = refers to those who's FLINKIN' spot happens to be way out in the country; can also refer to those who enjoy country music while FLINKIN'

DOUBLE FLINKER = someone who FLINKS double fisted: can also refer to someone that requires two Flinkers to FLINK comfortably.

FLOUPIES = affectionately these are the FLINKIN' groupies

FLUCKMAN =  a floating Buckman. C'mon, my mom's maiden name, get your minds out of the gutter!

FLINKOLOGIST = someone skilled in making FLINKIN' drinks