Flinkin' Story


In the early 80's while I was attending college, friends and I would head to Current River or to the quarry.  We'd grab a few beverages and enjoy some sunshine and the water.  We floated on inter tubes, cooler lids, life jackets, anything that would keep you floating in the water while you drank your beverages.  Little did we realize back then that we were actually FLINKIN'.  

Fast forward to 2015, while FLINKIN' with friends at Kentucky Lake, I thought it would be cool to trademark the term and make some hats.  I've always loved start up companies, coming up with ideas and taking risks.  I've got a little experience doing just that as I am one of the Co-Founders of a company called Lids, yes, the headwear giant.  That brand was launched with just an idea and a few dollars.  In less than 10 years it was a brand name that everyone knew.  After spending almost 25 years helping build that company I figured it was time to build more brands and have more fun!  

FLINKIN' simply means floatin' and drinkin'.  We all do it, we've always done it, we just didn't know what to call it.  Regardless if you're FLINKIN' in your pool, FLINKIN' down a river with friends, FLINKIN' at the lake with a bunch of people tied up in a party cove, it's a lifestyle if you love the water!  Some people boat, some fish, others ski or swim, my friends and I, we FLINK!

FLINKIN' isn't about saving the world or being politically correct, it's about having fun.  Sunshine, water, music and cold beverages with family and friends is what FLINKIN' is all about.  Like the saying goes, "We're here for a good time, not a long time."  So with some help I've decided to launch a website and make FLINKIN' a household name and a term everyone will know.  

Our Motto - "You can't FLINK all day if you don't start in the morning." 

We hope everyone enjoys our products and enjoys life as much as we do.  Remember to always FLINK responsibly!

Glenn Campbell - Founder & Head Flinker